How To Properly Maintain Your UV Pond Bulb

Many pond owners wander if their UV bulbs can be reused from one winter to the next. These bulbs are one of the best tools you can use against water discoloration and the issues which are associated with it. The reason for this is because when the super fine particles have exposure to the ultraviolet rays which the bulbs produce, the particles will begin clumping together, which will then be eliminated by the ponds filtration mechanical system. This result in water that is both clear and clean, given the bulb continues working in an efficient manner.

UV Clarifiers And Bulbs

UV clarifiers are designed to eliminate floating algae which are single celled. They are less effective at dealing with blanket and string algae. Their primary purpose is to ensure the water remains clear and pristine. However, in order for them to do their jobs they need a fresh bulb from one year to the next, one which produces ultraviolet light. If you reuse these bulbs after twelve months has passed, they will continue displaying illumination and appear functional, but in actuality their effectiveness will decrease as time passes. The wiser course of action is to always replace your ultraviolet bulbs during spring, and plan to do the same each year.

Cleaning The Bulb And Checking The Filter

Aside from replacing the UV bulb, you will also want to evaluate the glass tube and quartz sleeve which houses it. Does it look like it should be cleaned? Debris has a tendency to collect within the glass, which blocks the strong UV rays from entering the water when it moves via the filter. All you need to do is apply a descaler and cloth which is soft so that the buildup is removed. A descaler is substances that can be used to get lime scale off metal surfaces.

It is also important to inspect your filter media carefully, as well as the mechanical components within it. These include the prefilters, skimmer and pump sock. They might need to be replaced or cleaned, and although the clarifier is responsible for handling much of the water which is discolored, the filtration unit must still manage the removal of the debris. Therefore, it is essential to ensure they are operating correctly before algae starts to bloom during spring.

Keep Your Pond Well Balanced At All Times

UV clarifiers are outstanding when it comes to keeping pond water clear. However, it is also important to ensure your pond is well balanced to begin with. Make sure excessive nutrients aren’t present in the water, and if they are the best solution is to reduce the fish population. You might also need to cut down on the level of food they’re being given. Detritus will build up over time, so it is important to make sure you remove it regularly.