How To Approach Landscape Planning For Your Pond

When it comes to landscape design, remember to include your pond in the planning process. There are many benefits to landscaping around the pond, including increasing its enjoyability and appeal for homeowners. A pond is the perfect place to get one with nature. Whether you are using it to collect runoff water or for fishing, a pond adds appeal to your yard and as such should be well taken care of. Below are some creative ways you can enhance the appearance of your pond:


A shed is particularly useful around a large pond that is fully stocked with fish. This is because nets, fishing poles and other fishing equipment can be stored in the shed for easier access. Most sheds are made from wood or metal with vinyl siding. For homeowners, buying a ready-made shed eases the stress of making one from scratch. You can choose from ornate sheds to simple box-shaped ones to fit your home’s details.


Plants are an essential component of any pond landscape as they set a relaxing atmosphere. When choosing which plants to use for your landscape, it is important you choose plants that are native to the environment you live in. This will ensure they thrive without any hitch. Choose plants that are natural-looking and ones that do well in wet areas like hawthorns, cattails, ferns and pond lilies. Willow species like the black willow are also a great addition to your pond plant life. Their long branches frame the water’s edge while providing much needed shade.


Docks are an amazing addition to one’s landscape. They add to the scenic beauty of your property and can be used for a number of functions. You can sit and just watch the water while meditating and taking in all that nature has to offer. Docks can have built-in benches that are perfect sitting areas. Large ponds that are used for swimming can be made easily accessible by building a ladder that goes up to the dock. For a more durable dock, use water-resistant lumber like pressure-treated wood which can withstand wet environments.


Rocks add a natural feel to your landscape making it more appealing to the eyes. There are different sized rocks that serve various purposes in your pond landscape. Medium flat rocks placed along the pond’s edge make for a great walking area while large boulders at the pond’s edge provide a creative and comfortable natural sitting area. Rocks can also work as a boundary if the large pond is situated along the edge of the property. In addition to that, a rock wall along a large pond prevents erosion around the pond and therefore keeps your pond in tip-top shape.

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