How To Add A More Natural Touch To Your Water Feature

The most common thing people are looking for when they decide to build their water feature is that they want the feature to look natural. A natural water feature is one of the most popular styles of water features people look for as it can beautify the space without it looking too over the top and extravagant. Read on to find out the ways you can give your water feature a more natural touch.

Size of the Rocks in Your Water Feature

Rock size has a huge part to play in the way your water feature looks. Many inexperienced pond builders make a basic mistake, which is only utilizing rocks of the same size. Using only rocks of the same size can give your water feature a “necklace” look, which is not the most aesthetic look for a water feature. One thing you can consider when you make your decision on what types of rocks to use is to use rocks that are native to your area. Great options you can consider to be included in your water feature are a mix of river rocks and granite. They can give your water feature a natural look, especially with the mix of different rocks.

Shape of Your Pond

The shape of your pond is extremely important in making your water feature look natural. If you take a look at ponds, lakes and streams, they usually have an irregular and imperfect shape. In order to keep your pond looking as natural as possible, you should avoid water features that are perfectly circular in shape, or a stream that is stick straight. The water feature design should be fluid in order to keep it looking natural.

Presence of Plants in the Water Feature

Ponds and streams in nature are abundant in plant life, boasting of different types of plant life that get nutrients from the water bodies. In order to keep your water feature looking natural, you should definitely consider adding plants to your water feature. Some plants you may consider adding include lily-pads and other aquatic features. This emulates the natural ponds and streams in nature and will definitely help to add a natural touch to your water feature.

Including Moss, Stumps and Logs in Your Water Feature

Another way to make your water feature seem like a part of nature is to add moss, stumps and logs. This helps to create an illusion of a natural landscape, making the water feature seem like it has been there for a long time. This is an extra step you can take in making your water feature look natural the way you want it to be.

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