Great Ideas For Upgrading Your Outdoor Kitchen

When weather is pleasant, there is no better place to enjoy a meal than outdoors near your backyard pond. The open space and air combined with the wonderful aroma of the grill conjures a great mood, especially when in the company of friends and loved ones. Below are some ideas for upgrading your outdoor kitchen to make it even better than before.

Add Steel Accents For a Contemporary Look

Many outdoors kitchens utilize wood or stone, which are attractive, but never underestimate the power of steel. This metal is sleek, shiny, a wonderful fit and the highest quality variants are stainless and galvanized which gives them an industrial look with the ability to ward off rust.

Install A Roof To Cover Your Grill

While many grills are left exposed to the open air with no cover above, adding a roof will protect them from downpours. It will also allow you to cook in all sorts of weather. However, it is essential that the roof and structure you build is not too close to the grill so as to prevent fires.

Construct A Prep Zone

Combining a preparation table with your grill will complete your outdoor kitchen. It will prevent you from constantly having to go indoors to collect supplies, but the surfaces should be simple to clean and work on and you should strongly consider adding a mini fridge nearby as it will keep both cold beverages and meats within easy reach while protecting them from the elements.

Use Slim Furniture For Tight Spaces

Don’t let having a smaller backyard deter you from building an outdoors kitchen. The best solution is to use your available space as creatively as possible, and one way to accomplish this is by purchasing slim furniture. Slim tables and bench seats are comfortable and a good fit for the majority of guests. Some benches can even tuck beneath the table which can then be pushed against a nearby wall when they are not being used.

Install Large Umbrellas To Stay Cool During Summer

Freestanding umbrellas which are extra-large provide greater flexibility than the models which connect to tables. They can be used to provide much needed shade to the prep area (which will keep food out of sunlight) while covering diners when they are enjoying their meal.

Construct A Campfire Style Grill

If you crave a rugged, outdoors hiking experience, but don’t want to journey out into the wilderness to get it, building a campfire style grill is the answer. These grills are the exact opposite of the fancy metal models you’ll find in stores, and instead make use of a simple fire pit made of stone which have grill grates attached to it over the top.

Don’t Forget The Stools

Adding stools to your outdoor kitchen will provide a number of benefits. First, they allow onlookers to watch the chef go to work, and also recreate the bar experience. If the grill is cleverly positioned near a kitchen pass through you can setup a window and table which can be surrounded by stools to create a small cantina.