Should You Get An Aeration System For Your Pond?

A quality aeration system is a necessity for ponds and water gardens. It will improve the overall environment by lowering algae and maintaining cleaner water for fish and other organisms that reside within it. Below are some additional benefits you’ll gain by installing a good aeration system.

How Aeration Works

Atmospheric diffusion is the key to understanding aeration. It is the process that involves the pond water getting oxygen via air. The key difference between the ponds found in nature and the one in your backyard is that natural ponds get sufficient oxygen through atmospheric diffusion, while manmade ponds do not. Ponds or water gardens which are made by man need a “boost” otherwise they fail to maintain the correct oxygen levels. This is where the aeration system becomes so important.

A pond which has insufficient oxygen levels will grow stagnant, which will result in a number of problems. The water quality will rapidly deteriorate, algae will begin blooming, and an offensive odor will ensue. Any fish or other animals living in the pond will quickly die off. Installing an effective aeration system will prevent all these problems, keeping the pond in a healthy condition.

The Benefits Of Installing Aeration Systems

Once an aeration system is incorporated into your pond, you will gain a number of benefits. Some of these include superior water quality, lower algae, greater water clarity, and improved health of pond fish. It will also reduce the bad odors which result from ponds or water gardens which are poorly maintained. Aeration will also lower organic sediment while boosting the aesthetic beauty of the pond and acting as a delivery system for beneficial, natural things such as healthy bacteria and enzymes.

How To Correctly Install An Aeration System

The best aeration system in the world will do you no good if you don’t install it properly. You will first need to acquire an aeration system which is diffused. Such systems are important as they will evenly position multiple diffusers along the pond’s bottom. The diffusers are connected to the air compressor which is situated near the shoreline. Air will travel from the compressor via hoses until reaching the diffusers. Everything has to be connected correctly, as each diffuser is designed with a membrane that is permeable, one that will release oxygen in the form of miniature bubbles.

These miniature bubbles are structured to maximize the total oxygen which flows to different areas of the pond. They will also circulate within the water, reducing stagnation. Irrespective of why you designed your pond or water garden, you need one of these things, as it directly contributes to its health and vitality. Establishing a pond can cost thousands of dollars and require many hours to establish, not including the time it takes of the pond to mature and attract surrounding wildlife. A failure to install an aeration system will lead to a decline that undermines all the hard work and time you put into the project.