Five Tips For Building The Perfect Wooden Deck

Installing a new wooden deck is a great way to enhance your property. However, many first-timers consider the process to be tedious and time-consuming, but when you use the right tools and follow the steps below; the process will be fun while the results will be breathtaking. Below are the five tips on how to build the perfect wooden deck.

Make Sure The Fasteners Are Hidden

Fasteners which are visible will give your deck a tacky, unprofessional look, so they should always be concealed. Using a tool such as the Deck Jig is a great way of ensure the installation is always done the right way.

It is also recommended to purchase fasteners which are high in quality. A lot of property owners select low cost screws to save a buck, but the trouble with these screws is that they tend to corrode, which will then discolor the entire deck while reducing its lifespan, particularly if the wood has been pressure treated. The best screws are those which are either coated or made from stainless steel.

Build The Deck Away From The Ground

If the deck is constructed near the ground, it becomes the perfect refuge for rodents, insects and other pests. Furthermore, some of the wood which is pressure treated is not adequate for contact with the earth, so when constructing your deck be sure to maintain a 12” space between the lowest level foundation board and the ground.

The Deck Should Be Properly Secured To The Building

A common mistake made by those who are installing a deck for the first time is using the wrong fasteners. Be sure to read the owner’s manual and only use fasteners which are recommended, that way you will maintain the structural integrity of the deck. It is also essential to use appropriate flashing; otherwise the wood deck will be vulnerable to water damage.

Use Deck Railings To Further Beautify Your Deck

Railings are the perfect way to enhance your deck, and a number of innovative products have been brought to market. These include materials such as vinyl, glass, metal and even composites, which is an alternative to wood which can generate a powerful visual impact.

Experiment With Color

The color of your deck and rails should be complementing the rest of your home, yet many property owners are content to limit themselves to varying shades of brown. However, there is a large selection of stains and colors available today which are far more interesting, and using the right shade can turn a deck which looks bland into one that is classy and sophisticated.

Use A Pergola To Add Shade

Adding a pergola above your wooden deck will transform it from a mere 2D platform into a 3D room. It will provide shade, which is a plus during hot summers while also giving you the ability to install lights, speakers, hanging plants, and fans if you wish. When done right, the pergola can become a nice outdoor retreat.