Do You Need Pond Renovation or Pond Repair?

Many owners may be confused about the differences between pond repair and pond renovation. As such, they are unsure which service to engage for their ponds. In short, pond repair usually mean replacing or fixing a specific part of the pond that is not functioning well or broken. It is less invasive as it targets an isolated problem. On the other hand, a pond renovation revamps the entire pond, and the end result is a pond that looks almost brand new. Here are the differences between a pond renovation and a pond repair.

Renovating Your Pond

A pond renovation refers to replacing an entire pond. The pond will be removed by professionals and parts are replaced, usually resulting in a pond that looks brand new.

If you do not like something about your pre-existing pond, a pond renovation allows you to address that issue, even if the issue is something very minor. You can also get creative with your pond design, such as installing more lights, adding more tunnels for your fish or even introducing more plants for a healthy ecosystem within your pond. If you want to change the size of your pond, you could even renovate it to become larger or smaller than the existing pond. It is also possible to add other features, such as an additional waterfall to your pond. When you renovate your pond, you can get as creative as you want and design the pond of your dreams.

The idea of a complete overhaul may sound scary and intimidating, but it takes you a step closer to achieving the pond that you have always envisioned. In the long term, you may even save more money, time and effort as you can spend less time worrying, and avoid even more unnecessary temporary repairs on a pond design you find to be flawed and dissatisfying.

Repairing Your Pond

If you have discovered a leak in your pond and have assessed it to be an actual leak- not merely low edges or evaporation, you have the option of choosing to either repair your pond or renovate your pond. What you choose will depend greatly on how big the problem is.

A good rule or guideline to follow to help make your decision between renovation and repair is to check whether the cause of the leak interferes with your pond’s structure or will affect your pond’s health and its wildlife. If it does not, you can go ahead and choose to repair your pond, fixing the isolated problem.

Examples of problems that can be repaired include a broken pipe, a hole in the liner or if your liner has detached from the skimmer. However, if there is one hole, it is highly possible that there are other holes which may mean that you need to replace your liner.

The hardest part of repairing a pond is to determine the root of the problem. If your pond is leaking, there could be a range of potential causes, and these causes can be narrowed down through a few testes.

You can walk around your pond and check for visible wet spots, like wet soil or gravel. This could indicate a straightforward issue of a low liner, which results in water flowing over the edge. You can also fill up the pond, turn off the pump and come back a day later to check for changes in water level. If your water level has not changed, the problem is likely the pipe, waterfall or filter. However, if all these are not the causes, there is a problem in the pond or stream, making renovation the most ideal solution.

If you are interested in pond repair or pond renovation, Fitz’s Fish Ponds has a team of professionals that can help you assess the problems and recommend the best course of action. Contact us to find out more about our pond services today.