Choosing Water Features For Business Premises

Successful business owners will tell you for a fact that investing in anything that can help your business stand out from competition is a smart move. That is where indoor water features like fountains come in.  They can impress clients by having them marvel at their design. They can also improve aesthetics. In a nutshell, they are vital for any business keen on its brand and creating a scintillating environment for staff. Unfortunately, choosing a water feature for business premises is sometimes as hard as staying breaking even in a competitive market. With the following tips however, you can easily find a water feature for your business.

Consider Your Brand

A nice water fountain should complement your brand. It should fit in your business identity and make it easy for your clients to associate with it. Choosing a water fountain that can fit all these elements should be easy with the wide variety of materials and designs available. For example, a spa can go for fountain materials like slate or copper as they create an earthy vive. A medical clinic on the hand can go for acrylic or glass for a modern feel. Water trickling down a fountain can easily calm down toddler with a toothache at a dentist’s clinic. It is all about being creative and bringing out the aesthetic element of a water fountain.  Be sure to have your company logo engraved on your desired fountain.

Available Space

The amount of space you have should determine the type and design of the water feature you should go for. If for instance you have a spacious lobby where clients and customers congregate as they wait to be served, then by all means go for a large fountain complete with a reflecting pool. Consider a wall fountain if you do not have ample space. Keep in mind though that wall fountains are not specially designed for offices where space is a challenge.


This is where one needs to look beyond the aesthetic element of a water fountain. It is more or less like the dentist’s clinic example given. Where discretion is vital for instance, a water feature like a wall fountain that adds beauty and at the same time enhances privacy is a good idea. This could be at a premise such as a lawyer’s office. Remember that silence in vital in nearly all office. With that in mind, consider water features for business premises that produce bearable yet calming sounds.

Other factors

Safety and cost of installation are some of the main factors you should consider besides the aforementioned ones when it comes to choosing water features for business premises. Maintenance costs should also be on your list. That’s because you will at some point have to clean or inspect your water feature, a task that will require you to spend some money. You may also have to repair the water pump and the wiring that makes your water feature run. Again, you will have to spend some money, so by all means always consider the maintenance and running costs of a water feature before buying it.