Back to Japan: Releasing the Koi in Shintaro Mud Ponds

    This year, Fitz of Fitz’s Fish Ponds had a new reason to return to Japan this Spring! Kenske, son of Masaru Saito of Shintaro Koi Farm, got married and Fitz flew out to celebrate with the Saito family for the wedding. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful celebration!

While there, Fitz and Tim Waddington of Quality Nishikigoi assisted those at Shintaro with returning their large koi to the mud ponds to grow out through the summer months. They delivered some of the larger Go Sanke into the number one pond. This included koi that were between 3-6 years old and range from 26-36 inches! In the fall both Waddington and Fitz will return to extract these same koi and see how much they have grown in a season.

Shintaro Koi Farm has over 60 mud ponds spreading over the Yamakoshi and Kawaguchi Mountains within Niigata. They have some of the best mud ponds of any breeder and they help produce some the best fish. The next step for Shintaro koi farm is to begin their breeding process. Now that the holding tanks for the koi are empty, they will begin the strategic breeding process and begin the next generation of koi for the season. Shintaro has approx. 50-60 parent koi that will be responsible for procreating thousands.

The FFP Team is already looking forward to their next Koi Trip. Visit to inquire about our next trip!