Aeration: A Must Have for your Pond

Benefits of an Aeration System

  • Provides fish with sufficient oxygen, especially during the warmer months
  • Improves water quality and clarity
  • Decreases amount of algae and organic sediment
  • Acts as a delivery system for natural, beneficial bacteria and enzymes
  • Beneficial bacteria requires a highly oxygenated environment to be most effective
  • Reduces odors

Aeration Explained

The key difference between the ponds found in nature and the one in your backyard is that natural ponds get sufficient oxygen through atmospheric diffusion, the process that involves the pond water getting oxygen via air, while manmade ponds do not. Ponds or water gardens which are made by man need a “boost” otherwise they fail to maintain the correct oxygen levels.

Without an aeration system, a pond will grow stagnant due to insufficient oxygen levels, which leads to a number of problems. The water quality will rapidly deteriorate, algae will begin blooming, and an offensive odor will ensue. Any fish or other animals living in the pond will quickly die off.

In order to prevent these problems, keep your water clear, and provide a healthy living environment for your fish, be sure to get an aerator for your pond!

Aeration in Winter

Aeration kits infuse oxygen into the water by releasing small bubbles from air stones or diffuser sticks, which move the water and allow for gas exchange.

Throughout the winter, it is a good idea to move the diffuser sticks to half the maximum depth. This will help reduce ice formation and keep a pocket of warm water for your fish at the bottom of the pond.

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