2020 ZNA Tri-State Koi Show

On June 6th, members of the ZNA Tri-State Koi club gathered together at our farm and planned out this summer’s Koi Show. Given the circumstances of the pandemic, the club had to pick a different location to host the show and had a different theme for the event. While at our farm, the club decided to have a grow out competition where members picked out some 6-8 inch koi that they felt had the most potential, and host a competition for their First Annual Young Koi Show

Last weekend, the Tri-State Koi Club reconvened at Schlecht Nursery in Long Island, New York for their annual Koi Show. They had two categories for the competition, one for smaller koi (6-10 inches) and another for larger koi. The winners were picked by members of the club based on size, body shape, and color pattern. A few of the winners were koi picked out from our Koi Farm!

We were so glad to have been involved with the First Annual Young Koi Show and are looking forward to the next meeting with the ZNA Tri-State Koi Club!