Indoor Ponds

Indoor Ponds

Indoor ponds provide a host of benefits, and the only real difference between them and their outdoor counterparts is mainly location. Indoor ponds, as their name imply, are built inside a building or space that have a shelter whereas outdoor ponds are built out in the open. Also, ponds which are constructed indoors can be […]

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Water Feature Repairs

Water features will inevitably wear out over time, and if this issue isn’t addressed, the problem will become worse, leading to greater problems which will ultimately require significant time and expenses to correct. With our efficient water feature repair services, you have nothing to worry about.

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Pond Cleaning

Cleaning a pond properly is not an easy task, and we have a stringent cleaning procedure that we follow. Our cleaning services will leave your pond looking brand new. Your fish will thank you when they’re returned to a crystal clear pond!

Fall Netting

Fall Netting

Our fall netting service guarantees your net will hold up no matter how many leaves fall. We use high-quality netting, which we cut to the size of your pond. We will also build a custom PVC frame, which arcs over your pond and supports the netting perfectly.

Pond Winterization

Pond Winterization

Our winterization service ensures your fish will be safe for the winter and your pond will be healthy when spring comes. There are multiple steps that go into winterizing your pond which can ensure a successful winterization outcome. We combine all of these services into one winterization package for you.

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Natural Ponds

Fitz’s Fish Ponds has an extensive background working with natural ponds. This is why we have developed simpler, non-invasive methods for cleaning and maintaining natural ponds. These services provide practical solutions to the major problems natural ponds can have. The end goal is to add beauty to your pond and value to your property.

Water testing

Pond Water Testing

If you want your pond to be properly maintained, and the best way to do this is through regular pond water testing. We will evaluate your pond water carefully and thoroughly to ensure that its meets the proper temperature, salinity, hardness and pH levels which are needed to maintain aquatic and plant life.


Emergency Calls

Pond emergencies can happen at any time and what you need is the help of Fitz’s Fish Ponds to help you remedy the situation. No matter what time of the day or what kind of pond emergency you are facing, let us be your powerful specialist solution to solve your emergency call.

Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

When it comes to pond maintenance, you could say it is our specialty. Through years of experience we’ve learned how to keep ponds clear and healthy all year round. We’ve encountered every type of “pond problem” there is. Whether it’s a “new pond syndrome” or your water looks like pea soup, we have the perfect solution to correct the issue.

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